TIME IS MONEY! Stop spending your time trying to do something you can’t. Hire A Professional. Lots of times people try to do things on their own with no success.

So many people think they can do everything on their own and I too am one of them. But, when it comes to something that is not my expertise (which is many things), I hire someone who is. Being in the graphics business so many people think they are designers when really they are financial advisors, landscapers, painters, electricians, home health care businesses, massage therapists, and so on. I personally would not hire my plumber to paint my house, or hire my electrician to do my landscaping. They may be capable of doing those tasks, but it’s not their expertise. The key reason I hire someone is to get the job done. How many times have you attempted to do something that you are not good at?… And then the job A). Never gets done or B). Is done wrong. Proud people don’t want to admit either, but your spouse or significant other probably or might be reminding you of task everyday. I’m one that will easily make that phone call to the electrician to hang that light fixture/fan because if I did it the fan would wobble. So, the next time you think you can do something because it might save you some money when in the end it cost you more money. Maybe not real money $$$, but TIME IS MONEY $$$.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.


Fear can move you to take action

Fear is a word that most people are afraid to put into their vocabulary. But fear can be a good thing when you take action. When I started to lose weight, I was afraid to buy new clothes. My fear was that I would lose weight, buy new clothes, and then put the weight back on. The yo-yo effect.

Well, as of today, I have lost 110 pounds and purchased my new clothes many times. I also have my new clothes embroidered with my new company logo, and I am not fearful anymore. Not only do I have new company shirts embroidered, but I also have new apparel of jackets and hats. Gosser Corporate Sales does all of our embroidery in-house; we have our own equipment, and we do not send any of our embroidery work out to anybody. I also have purchased new clothes, kept the tags on them, and returned them back to the store where I bought them to exchange for smaller sizes. I always feared that I wouldn’t be able to do that, or I’d just be too lazy and not return them.

Take action with something in your life, like buying new shirts and jackets, and get them embroidered with your company logo. When you lose weight and those new embroidered apparel items don’t fit anymore, donate them to someone who could use them. There are always people out there who could use a new shirt or jacket.