How often are you asked these questions…. Do you do? How much? How Soon? Cheap?

I realize that my business is all about meeting deadlines for events that people have, but just a little advance planning might result in LESS STRESS, LESS WORRY and a BETTER HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Because stress and worrying about some things when you shouldn’t have to would make life so much easier. We all know that Uncle Sam wants us to file our tax returns by April 15th every year. 1/3 of Americans wait until the last minute to file taxes… Just realize, if you file early, your possible REFUND comes to you earlier. So why do so many people procrastinate on taxes? Wouldn’t it be nice to confront something every single time a deadline nears and get it done well in advance. A simple task such as tax filing. There is a cost involved with waiting until the last minute to file your taxes. STRESS, WORRY and just plain ‘ole silliness. Doing your taxes for cheap, ends up you getting something cheap.

Think about that the next time you pick up the phone or email someone in the service business and what something quick and cheap. I dislike that word, however people want things cheap. This is how I define CHEAP:
* not expensive
* not of good quality
* unfair/unkind
* without value
* against spending money

However when someone does CHEAP for someone, some complain: It’s not good quality and not what I expected. The value of the product you gave me was bad. I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money, but I want something good. You can’t get good quality, good value, good product when you begin by saying How much? How Soon? Cheap?.

A very large percentage of people ask “How Much?”, when really they should be asking “How Soon Can You Get It Done?.”

As a small business owner, I don’t give any pricing over the telephone when someone calls (and I lose some customers over that, and that’s OK by me), but again they want it CHEAP. They ask that famous question, “How Much?” Being in the promotional products business, a $7 t-shirt price over the telephone, could end up being a 4-color front design, a 2-color back design and something printed on both sleeves and now that $7 t-shirt is $27 in reality because now they only want 1 (one). I ask all inquiring businesses or individuals to email us their printing ideas so that we can see what we are walking into…

As a consumer who buys things, I’ve been trying to change my bad habits of falling into that same trap of How Much Does That Cost? I really have to think about how to re-word the words. I’ve been asking different questions about needing services.

Here are some examples:

1. I really would like to see that product in a reddish brick color. Can you show we what that looks like?

2. When will you be able to provide the landscaping additions at my house that we recently agreed on?

3. So I had you make me a plaque exactly the way I want it, when could it be done?

Once a service is provided in a timely fashion, then I have no problem paying someone a price that I think is reasonably priced and that we agree upon.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.