You are expensive! Do you shop price or service?

Someone said to me this morning that his secretary told him that… “I Was Expensive!” His responded by saying, How can you say that when our potential clients say the same thing about our company? People should buy on the service they expect and not necessarily on price alone.

It’s that famous question, “How Much?” Why is it that some people (the same people over and over again) that shop by price alone? Although, their own business products pricing is set by someone else and not them. It intrigues me that those people have that mindset. Do you want your driveway that has 3′ of snow on it plowed in 15-minutes by the guy who said I’ll be right there, or would you rather shop around all day to find someone cheaper and when you do they can’t do it for 2 days. Time is money. You just stayed home from work for 2 days to save $20. Time is money.

I personally don’t shop for things in my life by just price alone. I look for when they can be at my house to do some work, deliver something to me on my time frame (not that famous 4-hour window) 10am-2pm or 12pm-4pm because they always come at 1:55pm or 3:55pm. My time is just as valuable as theirs and I’m willing to pay more money for a better service. I recently had our dishwasher stop working so I called my normal guy at 8am and he was there at 11am. After the fact, I had someone else tell me “hey, I could of fixed it cheaper, but I couldn’t of come for a week. In the long run, that wouldn’t of been cheaper, because I would have had to wash dishes by hand for a week. There is a value to that.

Just this week someone texted me and asked me how much would it cost to put names on some jackets that he owned? I told him the price and he said OK. He said: How can I get the jackets to you? I told him, I’ll come pick them up (because that’s how I roll). A day later he texted me again and said ” How are the jackets coming?” I said they are still in the box because you never gave the names you wanted embroidered and on what size? He said: Oh, crap, thought I did that already. Then he asked: can I add his company name on the jackets for free since I was already doing the names. I said that would cost more money. He asked why is it more money to add a company name? I said I don’t do free embroidery, just like you don’t do free taping of drywall. Some people just need to hear it like it is. He said OK looks like I’ll just do the names since I can’t get the company logo for free. I said, you are right!

The point in life is DON’T SHOP PRICE ONLY! There is so many things in life that you can get in a reasonable time without having to even discuss price. It you get done quicker than you thought you could, that right there is worth more money than you probably have in your pocket because TIME IS MONEY!

Rick Gosser


Why do people wait until the last minute to order things?

I’m in my 14th year of being in business and I’ve always wondered… “Why do people wait until the last-minute to order things? THEY expect me to drop everything we are doing to discuss what their needs are. THEY expect me to do it right away. THEY expect me to make them the order cheap.

I DON’T DO CHEAP! I dislike that word, however people want things cheap. This is how I define CHEAP:
* not expensive
* not of good quality
* unfair/unkind
* without value
* against spending money

99% of the time I can do the order if I have enough time.

I realize that my business is all about meeting deadlines for events that people have, but just a little advance planning might result in LESS STRESS, LESS WORRY and a BETTER HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Because stress and worrying about some things when you shouldn’t have to would make life so much easier. Think about that the next time you pick up the phone or email someone in the service business and what something quick and cheap.

However, when someone does CHEAP for someone, some complain: It’s not good quality and not what I expected. The value of the product you gave me was bad. I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money, but I want something good. You can’t get good quality, good value, good product when you begin by saying how much? how soon? how cheap?.

As a consumer who buys things, I’ve been trying to change my bad habits of falling into that same trap of How Much Does That Cost? I really have to think about how to re-word the words. I’ve been asking different questions about needing services. Here are some examples: 1. I really would like to see that product in a reddish brick color. Can you show we what that looks like? 2. When will you be able to provide the landscaping additions at my house that we recently agreed on? 3. So I had you made me a plaque exactly the way I want it, when could it be done?

Once a service is provided in a timely fashion, then I have no problem paying someone a price that I think is reasonably priced and that we agree upon.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.