You are expensive! Do you shop price or service?

Someone said to me this morning that his secretary told him that… “I Was Expensive!” His responded by saying, How can you say that when our potential clients say the same thing about our company? People should buy on the service they expect and not necessarily on price alone.

It’s that famous question, “How Much?” Why is it that some people (the same people over and over again) that shop by price alone? Although, their own business products pricing is set by someone else and not them. It intrigues me that those people have that mindset. Do you want your driveway that has 3′ of snow on it plowed in 15-minutes by the guy who said I’ll be right there, or would you rather shop around all day to find someone cheaper and when you do they can’t do it for 2 days. Time is money. You just stayed home from work for 2 days to save $20. Time is money.

I personally don’t shop for things in my life by just price alone. I look for when they can be at my house to do some work, deliver something to me on my time frame (not that famous 4-hour window) 10am-2pm or 12pm-4pm because they always come at 1:55pm or 3:55pm. My time is just as valuable as theirs and I’m willing to pay more money for a better service. I recently had our dishwasher stop working so I called my normal guy at 8am and he was there at 11am. After the fact, I had someone else tell me “hey, I could of fixed it cheaper, but I couldn’t of come for a week. In the long run, that wouldn’t of been cheaper, because I would have had to wash dishes by hand for a week. There is a value to that.

Just this week someone texted me and asked me how much would it cost to put names on some jackets that he owned? I told him the price and he said OK. He said: How can I get the jackets to you? I told him, I’ll come pick them up (because that’s how I roll). A day later he texted me again and said ” How are the jackets coming?” I said they are still in the box because you never gave the names you wanted embroidered and on what size? He said: Oh, crap, thought I did that already. Then he asked: can I add his company name on the jackets for free since I was already doing the names. I said that would cost more money. He asked why is it more money to add a company name? I said I don’t do free embroidery, just like you don’t do free taping of drywall. Some people just need to hear it like it is. He said OK looks like I’ll just do the names since I can’t get the company logo for free. I said, you are right!

The point in life is DON’T SHOP PRICE ONLY! There is so many things in life that you can get in a reasonable time without having to even discuss price. It you get done quicker than you thought you could, that right there is worth more money than you probably have in your pocket because TIME IS MONEY!

Rick Gosser


TIME IS MONEY! Stop spending your time trying to do something you can’t. Hire A Professional. Lots of times people try to do things on their own with no success.

So many people think they can do everything on their own and I too am one of them. But, when it comes to something that is not my expertise (which is many things), I hire someone who is. Being in the graphics business so many people think they are designers when really they are financial advisors, landscapers, painters, electricians, home health care businesses, massage therapists, and so on. I personally would not hire my plumber to paint my house, or hire my electrician to do my landscaping. They may be capable of doing those tasks, but it’s not their expertise. The key reason I hire someone is to get the job done. How many times have you attempted to do something that you are not good at?… And then the job A). Never gets done or B). Is done wrong. Proud people don’t want to admit either, but your spouse or significant other probably or might be reminding you of task everyday. I’m one that will easily make that phone call to the electrician to hang that light fixture/fan because if I did it the fan would wobble. So, the next time you think you can do something because it might save you some money when in the end it cost you more money. Maybe not real money $$$, but TIME IS MONEY $$$.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.

Build Your Brand When You Are Busy! Try to stay away from: I don’t have the time. How Full Is Your Plate?

The best time to build your brand is when you say your plate is full. May people avoid doing things to grow their business because they say they are busy and don’t have the time. Marketing and social media posts are best to do when you are busy because it shows people that you are engaged all of the time. If you post once a month then it shows people that you are inconsistent with your business. People buy from people who are current in their activity.

Marketing plans serve as the blueprints for your company’s sales strategy. They lay out every detail of what’s to come over the next year or years and may be subject to alteration or evaluation because of changes in the market. Marketing should not be set in motion and left alone, but constantly reviewed, evaluated and adjusted to suit the needs of the company and the wants of the consumer. Understanding how to judge whether your marketing plan is delivering the best possible results can save you time and money and help ensure the success of your business.

Here are several ways to evaluate your marketing plans:

ROI – Return on investment is always a major concern when it comes to marketing or any other business expense. The idea is to check whether the money you put into your marketing plan has resulted in a profit. You can calculate an overall measurement, but a more specific breakdown by each marketing initiative will tell you exactly which campaigns worked and which fell short.

Sales Numbers – Reading the numbers can be the fastest and most basic way to determine whether your plan is working. Take into account any rise in prices or expansion of the business, but when all is said and done, in raw numbers, you are selling more than you did a year ago.

Customer Response – Customer response in all its varied forms can help you to determine what type of reactions your marketing creates. Responding immediately in some way shows the potential client you care.

Expansion – If your marketing reach is expanding, the effectiveness of your plan is the probable cause. Marketing that makes its way into new regions either by customer recommendation or natural growth indicates both a successful and popular product or experience and an effective marketing message.

Partner Response – Your marketing partners will offer feedback about whether your marketing plan is working. These outside members of the team might feel the effects of a successful campaign before you do because they are often on the front lines and might have more direct customer interaction. The same goes for a negative report. If your partners are asking when you will be releasing new marketing efforts, it might be time to revamp the marketing plan.

Salespeople – Outside salespeople are a great barometer for the measurement of marketing effectiveness. Ask for feedback from your soldiers in the field to determine whether the message you are providing and the ways you are providing it are effective. You are sure to get advice in any case, but if the feedback is overwhelmingly negative or customers are completely unaware of your latest marketing efforts, your plan should be revised to better address existing clients and to suit the needs of your sales team.

Competitor Response – The actions of your competitors can often be very telling when it comes to the success or failure of your marketing plan. If competitors rush to copy what you’ve done or try their best to one-up your initiatives, the plan is working. If your campaigns go largely ignored or there is an immediate negative response, there may be an issue or at least a question about what you’ve set in motion.

Whatever you do, I strongly recommend that you shy way from telling people you are too busy! After, it’s busy we want because a good majority of business owners work in their business and not in their business. 365 days a year is the best time to work on your business.

Rick Gosser
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We can embroider on anything…

A recent discussion about what type of things we can embroider on, made me really think about that one.

Since 2002, I have been in the embroidery business and there never has been any item that we can’t embroider on. I have done leather motorcycle seats (flat and off the bike of course), t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, hats and caps, jackets, briefcases, bags, chef coats, aprons, visors, towels, wedding robes, blankets, scarfs, lab coats, doctors and nurses scrubs, sweaters, tots bags, messenger bags Christmas stockings.

The challenge becomes, when a potential client or client has that next unusual question, “Can you embroider on?”

So, we are challenging you, to challenge us! It’s not like we are wanting something different or odd to embroider on. But, we do ALL of own embroidery in-house with our own machines that run like a fine tuned oiled machine. My machine technician recently told me “You have the best kept secret in the Midwest, your machines are over 13 years old and they run better than the new machines, because you take care of them.”


Email us any logo in a PDF, EPS, AI, JPG or whatever file, and we can turn it into embroidery for you.

You see most of our projects on our company Facebook page.

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People should STOP asking businesses for “FREE” things. All business owners that I know are in business for a very simple reason… To Make People Happy & too make some money! We can’t give everybody, everything for FREE. Organizations need to STOP asking for donations. If all business owners gave a donation to everyone that asked, then we would no longer be in business.

Everyday I get a random letter or email from someone asking for something for “FREE.” Monetary or a physical item would be fine. Fine? Well, that material physical thing costs business owners money to get it to give it to you. These places need to smarten up and solicit the business owners where they do business at. A few years ago, I decided to donate money or items to clients or employees involved with organizations. That is a very easy decision to make.

I give plenty of money to not-for-profit organizations for a variety of reasons and that is my choice. People should stop asking every business in a local chamber of commerce for money for their baseball team or softball team. Spend some of your hard earned money and shop with local businesses and then when the donation topic comes up, those businesses would be more than willing to help out the organization.

STOP the random asking for money. The majority of business owners are giving, we just can’t give to everyone.

Rick Gosser

Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.


The first question should be “How Soon Can You Get It Done?”, not “How Much?”

It’s a nationwide thing… a very large percentage of people ask “How Much?”, when really they should be asking “How Soon Can You Get It Done?.” As a small business owner, I don’t give any pricing over the telephone when someone calls and asks that famous question, “How Much?” Being in the promotional products business, a $7 t-shirt price over the telephone, could end up being a 4-color front design, a 2-color back design and something printed on both sleeves and now that $7 t-shirt is $27 in reality because now they only want 1 (one). I ask all inquiring businesses or individuals to email us their printing ideas so that we can see what we are walking into…

As a consumer who buys things, I’ve been trying to change my thinking about shopping for my personal needs and not ask that question. I’ve been asking different questions about needing services.

Here are some examples:

1. When will you be able to provide the landscaping additions at my house that we recently agreed on?

2. I have a water spot on my master bedroom ceiling, how soon can you come out and view the damage and figure out where that water is coming from?

Once a service is provided in a timely fashion, then I have no problem paying someone a price that I think is reasonably priced and that we agree upon.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.

Does branding matter to small businesses? 8 tips to help YOU!

The answer to this question is a simple ‘Yes’. Branding matters to every business but perhaps more so to a small business, where it really helps to differentiate you from the competition. You need to be memorable, if people can’t remember your name how are they going to find you?

Here are some tips to help you grow your branding and stay front of mind.

1. Develop your brand mantra which is the heart and soul of your business. Your mantra is a quick and simple memorable statement that tells everyone immediately who you are and what you have to offer.

2. In addition to your brand mantra choose your brand messages – most companies have three key messages but it is perfectly ok to have one if you feel it does everything you need. Your messages should tell your audience what sets you apart from the competition, the added value you bring to the table and why they should choose you.

3. Tone of voice is about creating a voice to accompany your branding messages and mantra. Tonality is not just about what you say but how you say it. Do you want to be seen as formal and corporate or informal but professional, or professional but fun? Your tone of voice is a reflection of your personality so be sure that the persona you are putting out is consistent throughout all your marketing material and is in line with your business goals.

4. Your logo and design scheme is a graphical representation of your business. It needs to consistently appear on all your marketing materials and harmonize with your messaging. When starting out it’s important to invest in a design expert who can encapsulate the essence of your brand in a graphical way. Many solo operators go down the route of designing the scheme themselves, unless you have undertaken graphical training it will look like a ‘home job’ – investing in this element of your business is worthwhile.

6. Be consistent – every branding expert will tell you that you need to be focused about how you appear, how you engage with your clients and how you deliver your services. By being consistent you tell your clients that you are reliable and dependable and this helps build a trustworthy brand because people know what to expect.

7. Remember to think, act and plan like a business leader. The more you plan the more prepared you will be. The saying ‘fail to plan and you’re planning to fail’ has a lot of merit. The great thing about planning is if you are organized and on top of what you are doing then when an issue arises you can deal with it swiftly.

8. Thank you. Saying thank you to your clients, employees, freelancers and yourself is important. If you’ve done a great job give yourself a pat on the back. If you had an opportunity to present to a potential new client thank them for their time and tell them how excited you are to have the opportunity to present. There is nothing wrong in telling clients this providing it’s done in a genuine way – very few people do this and you will be remembered for it.

If you are just starting out or been operating for a number of years your brand is an important part of your business success. It’s never too late to start and as the leader of your business it’s your job to pull it all together and drive it forward.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.