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Gosser Corporate Sales is “Your One-Stop Shop” for all of your decorated apparel needs. We do custom embroidery, screen printing and digital printing on apparel and advertising specialty products. We help “Brand Your Business With Advertising”. We do Corporate & Business Apparel, School and Team Apparel, and also for Groups and Organizations. “Why Do People Across America TRUST US When They Buy Decorated Apparel… We Do Our Own Work and have been proudly serving Northwest Indiana and America since 2002. Visit our website at http://www.gossercorpsales.com or call us at 219-808-9888.



  1. Hi buddy. It’s been almost 2 years since I had Bagels N Beans and probably longer since we saw each other, but I was excited to see you on the Today show and in the article in the Times. Congratulations! You look great and I’m sure you’re much more healthy. I’ve always thought of you as a good coach and mentor to others and I am sure that you can change the lives of many others. If you have time in your busy schedule, I would enjoy meeting up with you again some time. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday and take care.

    • Hi Rick, It is nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words as those are just what I need to stay motivated and excited to reach my next goal of 120# lost. 12# to go. I would like to meet up with you sometime in December. Call me 808-9888 or email me at: sales@gossercorpsales.com and we can set date and time to get together.

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