How response time pays off for business owners. What’s yours?

Someone told me the other day, “I tried to get a hold of you”, my response was “Well, you didn’t try hard enough”. People can Call ME, Text ME, Email ME, Facebook me, Twitter ME, Linked In ME, Google+ ME, Pinterest ME, Instagram ME, Facetime ME. The point is my response time is instantly within minutes if my phone is with me, which most times it is. Unless, I’m on an airplane, under water, doing an adventure (which is how I live my life), then I’ll respond very quickly and at all hours of the day/night.

A business owner once told me “I never answer my phone after 5 pm”. I said “How’s that working for you?”, because you are not even aware of how much business you are losing by not answering your phone after 5 pm.

I would have to say that I get business from 95% of all those people that contact me after 5 pm. That is the time that they have to contact me, so I know it’s important for them to want to talk. For those business owners that ignore people after 5 pm, YOU are missing out on some valuable business.

Just recently I was conversing with a person from San Pedro, Cortes, Honduras after 9 pm CST and I got his business. He is getting married and wanted some imprinted photo frames to give to their guests that will be unable to attend the wedding in Honduras. I was able to help him and he gave me his business.

Want to grow your business? Be Different, And Respond Faster. A quicker response is a good way to stand out from your competition. Statistics show that 85% of the business owners that respond to a request from a potential client, will get that business.

So, next time that phone rings, dings, pops, squeals, bings, bangs or whatever your tones are, RESPOND.

YOU might grow your business.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.
phone 219-808-9888