Building Value When You Sell In Any Scenario

Two things businesses can focus on when selling: features and outcomes.

Before you can start selling outcomes, you need to understand how to identify which result to sell in any scenario.

3 tips to get you started:

1. Learn about your prospect’s challenges. Every qualified prospect has challenges you can solve, but you need to understand exactly what those challenges are.

2. Understand and clarify your prospect’s goals. After you have identified your prospect’s challenges, you need to help him become clear about his goals. What is the prospect really looking to accomplish over the next year or two?

3. Create clear objectives: Now that you know what your prospect should be accomplishing, it’s time to create tangible objectives for your potential relationship. This means targeting particular metrics, like level of revenue increase, decrease in costs and new customer visits. By creating clear objectives, developing a budget for a solution with a prospect is painless and isn’t about the price.

Rick Gosser
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