“My Journey” into becoming F.I.T. to grow my business after the age of 50…. 3 1/2 years & counting!

Wow, what a crazy 3 1/2 years! On 1.1.2010, I weighed 310# and was obese & fat. I lost 135# in 10 months in 2010.

Rick thru the years

Here are some things I have become, people I have seen and things that I have done during “My Journey.”

I became a walk/runner in 2010.
I ran an 18:00 minute 1st mile ever in 2010.
I was on the NBC Today Show on 11.29.10 in NYC.

I met Michael Buble and the entire NBC Today Show TV personalities while in New York City.
I spoke to 140,000+ people in Feb 2011.
I ran a 5K with Marci & Courtney Crozier from the Biggest Loser.

I’m in the 2012 Joy Bauer Diet Cookbook along with 29 people who all lost 100+ lbs.

I ran a 5K in 27:03 at the Hot Chocolate 2012.
I have run 4 – 1/2 Marathons.
I ran up the John Hancock Building in Chicago 3 times, ’11, ’12, ’13.
I ran the 10-mile Huff trail run in 2012.
I ran in the Disney World 1/2 Marathon in 2013.
I ran in California and Boston, MA in 2013 a week apart.
I saw the World Champion Boston Red Sox play in Fenway Park in October 2013.
I ran my 1st ever Chicago Marathon on 10.13.13.

I went skydiving in October 2013.

I ran a 9:20 mile in November 2013.
I completed 30 days of the Ab & Squat Challenge simultaneously and am creating my own 60 day challenges.

I did all of this after I lost 135# in 2010 with no pills, no potions and no surgeries.

Here is my TV segment on the NBC Today Show in New York City. Fear pushed him to be “Joy Fit”

If I can lose 135# at the age of 50 and keep in off in now 2013, then anybody can do it.

Let me know what I can to help you, a family member, a friend, a foe to become F.I.T. in 2013 and beyond.

Rick Gosser
phone 219-808-9888
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