The Impact of Promotional Products for your business. What’s your first impression?

What first impression are you leaving on all of the people you meet?

Local business owners know that their usual customers are familiar with the products and services offered by their company. An issue that may exist for local business owners, however, is that the average person does not really know what they do for a living. Businesses spend thousands of dollars a year advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and in the yellow pages. But when it comes down to the initial meeting of a new potential customer, what kind of first impression do you leave on him or her? How do you make sure that they remember you and your business? The average person cannot remember every name of every new person or business owner they meet at a networking event. You must give that person something to remember you by. One of the best ways to do that? Promotional products, of course!

Our most recent Gosser Corporate Sales promotional item was a magnet with our company name and website on it. What made the magnet unique was that it was in the shape of a t-shirt. Since our company embroiders and screen prints on apparel, a t-shirt magnet was a memorable way for people to remember our company. Anyone who got one of these magnets had a quick idea of what Gosser Corporate Sales does. We have a million ideas to share, no matter what you might be looking for.

Some other ideas for promotional products: A golf company could hand out golf tees, a coffee shop could hand out coffee mugs, or a cleaning company could hand out hand sanitizer. A well thought out promotional product will make your company stand out from other businesses. Gosser Corporate Sales can make almost any promotional product you can think of; we can literally print on almost everything.

Remember: Promotional products do work. People will not only remember you, but they will also remember your business.

Rick Gosser


Branding your company and creating your illusion

It’s one thing to put time and energy into conceiving and creating a brand. But without proper promotion, a brand is just a business with a clever concept and an artful logo. The essence of a brand is recognition, something people will see and identify with the company and their products and services. If you aren’t actively promoting your brand to the masses then that crucial recognition is still missing. Not everyone can afford to buy ad space on a Stadium Jumbotron or commercial time on television. In fact the vast majority of businesses need to be much more creative. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get your name out to the public without having a marketing budget that could feed a third world nation.

Sure, logo products tend to be little trinkets but in their own way they can carry a lot of value. If you have a booth at trade shows or conferences, having swag is almost essential for getting traffic. There is a sea of vendors, and the mildly curious can often be drawn to a booth simply to see what they are giving away. And everybody loves free stuff. The bigger, brighter and more creative your products are, the more attention you can grab and the more you can ingratiate yourself into the memories of causal passers-by.

If you aren’t planning to travel, that’s ok, you can still use branded items to spread your name. Whether you have a traditional brick and mortar business or an online one, seemingly trivial items can go a long way. It may not seem like pens, pencils or magnets are going to go the distance, but they are an inexpensive way to keep your brand name in front of your customers. When you choose logo products that stay out on desks, getting used often or even better, being passed on to third parties, you are creating a constant little reminder of your existence. Do people choose where they do business based on whose writing utensil they have? No, not necessarily. But if you have a strong business to begin with, they may choose the first one that pops into their minds, and if you’re branded notepad is sitting out on their desk, that just may be you.

By spending a few dollars on logo products and distributing them everywhere you go, you will be amazed how you can create the illusion that your company appears to be everywhere. The illusion is that is seems you are bigger than you really are by being everywhere. Company logo wear makes your brand become known in your community. You should be wearing your embroidered company shirts everywhere and at every event you go to.

Part of creating that illusion is that you must grasp what social media can do for you. People will never notice you if all you do is self-promote. People will notice you however, when you contribute useful insights to a conversation or help them spread their own content. Taking the time to engage with people through social media, in a real way, is the crux of using social media as a business. The formation of real relationships is the in a way the smartest and fastest way to use social media. Because frankly, if you’re doing it wrong, you can keep at it for hours a day for infinity without gaining traction. But when you do it right, people will start to pay attention to what you have to say.

Rick Gosser
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.