Why are imprinted giveaways still important?

We recently had an idea show 2012 in which we invited all of our clients to see our showcase of products. Since this is our 10th Year Anniversary we wanted to show people what we can do for them. We had shirts, jackets, hats, bags, trophies, awards, ribbons, yard signs, retractable banners, business cards, vehicle magnets, building signs, sports equipment and uniforms, imprinted promotional products.
Giveaways are the key to the success of your business. “Top of mind awareness” is when people in a market have a particular brand on the tip of their tongue and can be described as being aware of it. You need to get and maintain top of mind awareness, nothing else is more important. The best way to achieve this is by having your company name everywhere. Ann old saying is “You have to spend money to make money”. Do this by getting your company name imprinted on something and hand those items out everywhere. You need to try to get to first place in top of mind. Top of mind awareness means when your potential customer decides to buy your particular product, yours will be one of the names they will think of.

So let us help you achieve that TOMA by getting your company name our there.

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Brand My Business or Brand My Name?

People Buy from People. It’s a fact, in business people buy from people and they buy from people that they know, like and trust. So, it stands to reason that if you are going to get the results you are looking for you need to be able to attract others to you and also compel them to find out more and to stick around to help you out and pass business and contacts your way. So, how can you exploit the “ people buy from people ” philosophy? Develop the “ you ” factor! Here are 4 things to help acquire that “you” factor.

1. Be Authentic
Firstly, if a key criteria is about people getting to know, like and trust you then it follows that you have to be genuine and authentic – others will soon see through you if you aren’t being genuine. Therefore you need to be yourself and learn to express your positive qualities. Consider also what you are wearing – do your clothes reflect your personality and the image you want to portray?

2. Discover Your Passions
Think of those times when you have met people who are passionate about what they do and their sheer enthusiasm and passion has been infectious. People are naturally drawn towards passion in others whatever their passions may be and are far more likely to want to spend time in their company and help them. Ask yourself how passionate you are about what you do. Remember you must remain authentic so you cannot fake passion, so if you do not feel passionate about what you do perhaps now is the time for discovering your true passions.

3. Help Others First
An effective networker always aim to help others first. In some ways this may seem like a paradox to the principle of setting personal goals for networking but the principle of helping others does actually sit alongside your own goals.

4. Take Responsibility
As an effective networker you must take responsibility for the results you get from networking. It is all too easy to blame others, whether it is others in a networking group for not bringing you the referrals you want or the organizers of a networking event for not bringing you the contacts you need. Read all these business networking tips but ultimately it is up to you to question what you need to do to get the results you want and remember, “ people buy people ”.

Rick Gosser