How Much Does It Really Cost to Make a Decorated T-Shirt?

I get calls every day from people across the country asking me “How much does it cost to make me a t-shirt?” as my current supplier can not make them in time. If answering that question was simple, then I would say $5.00. But, just like buying a new car, making shirts does require a few questions. How many do you want? What color do you want? How many colors of ink do you want? What does the design look like? (This is when I get, I don’t know what it looks like? That’s why I called you). Do you want a design on the front, back or both? How soon do you need them? Are you wanting these for an event? When is the event? Like I said, many questions to ask of a new potential client, just like shopping for a new car. You always have lots of questions about the features and benefits. Once all of these questions are answered, then we can get into price and how much the shirts are going to cost. Sometimes people say, I called so and so and they said that they can’t make the shirts I want because they are too busy right now. We will never say that to a potential client. We want your business and will do everything it takes to get your business and retain for future orders later. Let us be your supplier for shirts as once you try us, you will never use anyone else.

Rick Gosser
Gosseer Corporate Sales Inc.


The Impact of Promotional Products for Businesses

Local business owners know that their usual customers are familiar with the products and services offered by their company. An issue that may exist for local business owners, however, is that the average person does not really know what they do for a living. Businesses spend thousands of dollars a year advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and in the yellow pages. But when it comes down to the initial meeting of a new potential customer, what kind of first impression do you leave on him or her? How do you make sure that they remember you and your business? The average person cannot remember every name of every new person or business owner they meet at a networking event. You must give that person something to remember you by. One of the best ways to do that? Promotional products, of course!

Our most recent Gosser Corporate Sales promotional item was a magnet with our company name and website on it. What made the magnet unique was that it was in the shape of a t-shirt. Since our company embroiders and screen prints on apparel, a t-shirt magnet was a memorable way for people to remember our company. Anyone who got one of these magnets had a quick idea of what Gosser Corporate Sales does. We have a million ideas to share, no matter what you might be looking for.

Some other ideas for promotional products: A golf company could hand out golf tees, a coffee shop could hand out coffee mugs, or a cleaning company could hand out hand sanitizer. A well thought out promotional product will make your company stand out from other businesses.

Gosser Corporate Sales can make almost any promotional product you can think of; we can literally print on almost everything.

Remember: Promotional products do work. People will not only remember you, but they will also remember your business.

A few of the “hottest” promotional products right now are: Eco Shopping Bags, and still a staple is Coffee Mugs.

Rectangle Flip Mirrors is another “hot” imprinted promotional product for women’s purses.

Rick Gosser