Let us do what we do best, so that you do what you do best

Hiring us to make your custom apparel is easy, just let us do the work. I recently spent hours emailing back and forth to a client trying to get her logo in a format we could use to make her t-shirts for her in 2-days. She kept sending me the artwork with the text in her file being corrupt, etc. I finally called her and she said “I’m not a graphic designer”, “I’m a director of marketing”. I could have saved her lots of time and aggravation if she would have told me from the start that she was using Corel Draw to create her artwork. My point is “Do what you do best and let us do what we do best”. In this case, the director of marketing should have spent her valuable time marketing her company to potential clients, etc. and not spending her time creating logos. Let us do the work and create your logos so that we can make your screen printed t-shirts or custom embroidered apparel.

Here is a logo that we converted and printed digitally for a new client:

Digital printed dri-fit shirts

Here is a logo that we converted to embroidery for a new client:

Grimmer Gladiator Embroidered

Next time you want to create your logo, please re-consider that thought and hire a graphic designer so we can do what we do best and you can do what you do best.