Is your QR code printed on something you hand out?

Recently we have been printing QR codes on just about everything that you can imagine. Do you have your QR Code yet?

You may be asking yourself, what is a QR Code? A QR Code is a marketing tool that you get for free. You can create QR Codes for websites, blogs, landing pages, special sales you may be having, whatever you want your customers to be driven to on the internet. Our QR Code takes to you our company website.

We have told many of our clients about QR Codes and now we are telling them to market them to their clients.

We are printing QR Codes on business cards, water bottles and even screen printed some t-shirts.

Let us know where we can help you in creating a QR Code and then market your QR Code.

Rick Gosser


Advertise your company when you drive? You got 3-5 seconds.

The average business person spends 70% of their time driving around visiting or making deliveries to current clients or calling on potential clients, so why not promote your business name on your vehicle with some type of advertising. When you decide to advertise on your vehicle, keep it short and simple. Company name, tag line, telephone number and company website. For those using social media, put your Twitter name on your vehicle. @gossersales is our Twitter name.

Vehicle signage is a very prominent way to promote your business name. I encourage all businesses to advertise their business whether you have just one vehicle or an entire fleet. Don’t miss an opportunity to advance your company or to simply beautify your vehicle. We can apply vehicle signage to cars, trucks, vans, or even boats. Advertise your services around the clock. Fleet vehicles can be uniformly signed and wrapped which shows true company organization and professionalism.

I have a client that owns a landscaping business and he parks his company vehicle at various places around Northwest Indiana in shopping malls, big box stores parking lots on Sundays to advertise his business for free. In addition, he places weatherproof business card holders on his vehicles and interested people can take his business cards. What a unique marketing idea that costs nothing other than driving the vehicle to the lots. Let us know if we can help you design some vehicle signage for your business.