“Power Promoting Your Company” by Gosser Corporate Sales

“Power Promote Your Company” to your clients. Many businesses do not take the time to contact their current database of clients on a regular basis. They are constantly looking for new businesses to do business with when all they have to do is look in their own computers. “Power Promote Your Company” to you clients. Create a marketing campaign to your existing clients. What I mean by “Power Promote” is to send a postcard to your existing client database such as “We miss doing business with you”, send them a “Thank You for the Business” card, get set-up with an automated card sending company that will send them a card of your choice on a specific date.

Send them something as frequently as you can. The more touches you have with your existing clients, then the more they know about your business.

You can create a weekly sales flier, a company newsletter, a website change that tells them about a new product line you have or specials you have going on. Regardless of what you have going on with your business, please tell your current clients about what that might be.

If you need any help on what to do or how to go about doing it, please contact me.