“Cheap” Items

Late last week, I received an email from a client who wanted to order two promotional items for an event later this month. The email read: “Rick, You’re the best. Now get us our stuff right away and cheap, cheap, cheap!” I always find it interesting when a client (existing or potential) says that magic word: “cheap.” I always have to ask them how they would define cheap. Cheap could mean two things: 1) An item that costs a little bit more money than the typical promotional item but is still relatively inexpensive, or 2) An item that costs next to nothing but falls apart in a customer’s hands before they even walk away. When ordering promotional products, I challenge you to ask yourself how you would define “cheap.” After defining it in your own mind, we can proceed from there.

The first of two “cheap” promotional items needed by this client was undetermined, meaning she didn’t know what type of product she wanted. Her specifications were “something that costs between 15 and 25 cents each but still looks nice.” I asked her to search through my company website to find a product that might peak her interest. Together, we decided on 500 pencils of varying colors. The pencils were designed, the artwork was approved by the client, and the final order was placed in less than two hours after the initial email. The order will arrive in 7 to 10 days.

The second “cheap” promotional item needed by this client was “some kind of a game” for her table at the trade show — a spinning prize wheel, a puck game, something of that nature. Together, we decided on a table top prize wheel, which will be delivered in 3 to 4 days. Gosser Corporate Sales can provide your company will a variety of easy-to-assemble games or other “eye-catchers,” such as raffle themes and Plinko. These games are what I refer to as “eye-catchers” because they draw people and potential customers to your booth or table at a trade show.

In conclusion, sometimes “cheap” promotional items are not the best option. Although the products may be inexpensive, they can also be poorly made, which reflects poorly on your company. Be aware of how you’d like to portray your company before buying the cheapest and least expensive products available. Also, as always, please let us know what you might be looking for. Gosser Corporate Sales can help with any of your promotional and marketing needs.

-Rick Gosser


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  1. Rick,

    I so thoroughly agree. When you hand a prospect something and they don’t know you from Adam, that item represents your BRAND. The sum total of all of your work in your business has just arrived at a “cheap swag” and in their mind that is all you have produced. The things that make the biggest impression on me when at a trade show? Employees who are enthusiastic about their jobs, want to know how THEY can help ME. I like a good business card, also if you hand me an item of apparel and can sell me on the idea of talking about your company I WILL wear it somewhere for you (I’m not a billboard though, it won’t rotating banner ads on my chest). In short, whatever comes from someone with pride in what they do will be remembered. As will cheap gimmicks thrown to everyone without rhyme or reason.

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