Business opportunities are everywhere

One thing I’ve learned from being a salesman my entire life (and realize even more now that I own my own business) is that opportunities are literally everywhere. Opportunities to promote your company and sell your products are presented in several different situations and places in every day life. Some are pure luck, just being in the right place at the right time, and others are created from your own actions. I have had a few instances where going the extra mile or making an unusual attempt to contact someone has led to potential customers.

The first occurrence happened early last week when I called a local radio station in at attempt to win a prize they were giving away. Ironically enough, I ended up being the correct caller and winning the prize (Free fudge! Couldn’t pass that up.). When the show’s hosts asked what my name was, I responded with, “Rick Gosser from” Of course, this response prompted them to ask me about my company, the website, and what sort of products we sell. After answering all their questions and a short conversation, I hung up with a gift certificate for free fudge and a promise that the show hosts would wear t-shirts with my company logo on them. Then — and here’s the cool part — they played the entire phone call over the air! Shortly thereafter, I received three phone calls and one email inquiry from people who said they’d heard me on the radio. Four new prospective clients! And it had all happened because I was quick enough to remember to throw in my company’s website, therefore creating a great advertising opportunity for my company.

The second instance happened when I went down to Indianapolis to visit my middle daughter. We spent the weekend eating ribs at Rib Fest (Delicious!) and attending an Indianapolis Indians game. On Sunday, before I left, we went to breakfast and headed over to buy some groceries. We parked next to a pickup truck with a company’s logo on the side. I immediately thought, Hey, this could be a prospective client. I wrote down the company’s phone number and website to contact at a later time, and then I left my business card on their windshield. (Not something I do very often, but I thought it was worth a try.) Half an hour later, I received an email from the business owner! She mentioned receiving my business card and described the apparel that her company was looking to purchase. My prompt response to her initial email led to another email from her stating that she really wanted to do business with me because she liked my communication even on the weekend. One quick drop of a business card and a little bit of good customer service, and I had one more prospective client!

Opportunities like the ones I described above are partially luck but are also assisted from my own actions. I have given my business card to people while I was standing in line at the post office. I have mentioned my company to business people I see while shopping at the mall. I’ve even handed my business card to moms that I overheard complaining about team uniforms while at a softball tournament. The biggest thing I’ve learned and the one thing I always tell people is, “The worst that can happen is they say no.” There have been several instances where I contact people, and they’re not interested in purchasing anything from Gosser Corporate Sales. I am perfectly fine with this because at least I know that I did everything I could to create an business opportunity for my company.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!



Restocking your promotional items

Most companies plan out their promotional events three to six months in advance. However, a good majority of those companies forget to check their stock of company logo promotional items. Have you ever run out of promotional items the day before, or even the day of, an event? I recently received an order from a client that ran out of handouts and t-shirts with their company logo on them. Unfortunately, this miscue happened as a result of not keeping tabs on promotional item stock. Companies often get into the mindset that they have enough items but forget to recheck their inventory. My suggestion to clients is to run inventory on the first of every month, so they do not run out of promotional items to give to their own current and potential clients. If you need help keeping track of your promotional items, Gosser Corporate Sales can be a great source for reminders in the future.

-Rick Gosser

Why corporate logo wear?

Well, that’s an easy question. Have you ever been to a chamber of commerce luncheon, a seminar, an open house, a business before/after hours event, or a conference and asked yourself who the people around you represent? Someone will tell you his/her name and company name, but when you meet 20-30 new people in a day, it can become difficult to put a name to a face, right? If a person you met was wearing an embroidered company shirt, it might be easier to remember who he or she represented. Most employees attend an event without a company shirt, hoping to be remembered by their business card alone. Is that how you want to be remembered? Having corporate logo wear, along with business cards, makes you stand out from other companies. Tomorrow, walk into your boss’s office and tell her or him that you think it would be a great idea to purchase corporate logo wear. When you are meeting with current clients or talking to a potential client, corporate logo wear is a comfortable, professional way to be remembered. Gosser Corporate Sales can be your “one-stop shop” for corporate logo wear.

The Impact of Promotional Products for your business. What’s your first impression?

What first impression are you leaving on all of the people you meet?

Local business owners know that their usual customers are familiar with the products and services offered by their company. An issue that may exist for local business owners, however, is that the average person does not really know what they do for a living. Businesses spend thousands of dollars a year advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and in the yellow pages. But when it comes down to the initial meeting of a new potential customer, what kind of first impression do you leave on him or her? How do you make sure that they remember you and your business? The average person cannot remember every name of every new person or business owner they meet at a networking event. You must give that person something to remember you by. One of the best ways to do that? Promotional products, of course!

Our most recent Gosser Corporate Sales promotional item was a magnet with our company name and website on it. What made the magnet unique was that it was in the shape of a t-shirt. Since our company embroiders and screen prints on apparel, a t-shirt magnet was a memorable way for people to remember our company. Anyone who got one of these magnets had a quick idea of what Gosser Corporate Sales does. We have a million ideas to share, no matter what you might be looking for.

Some other ideas for promotional products: A golf company could hand out golf tees, a coffee shop could hand out coffee mugs, or a cleaning company could hand out hand sanitizer. A well thought out promotional product will make your company stand out from other businesses. Gosser Corporate Sales can make almost any promotional product you can think of; we can literally print on almost everything.

Remember: Promotional products do work. People will not only remember you, but they will also remember your business.

Rick Gosser